Stormy Mood: Dogwood 52 Week 2

High on a hill, a man steps to his window to gaze across the valley. His stormy mood fades. The rain-dumping black clouds have moved to the east. From the west, the sun shines through the window’s aperture, flooding him with a sense of hope. Nothing is permanent. The storm has passed. It always will.

Week 2 Dogwood Stormy Mood
Week 2: Storms. “The weather around you can affect your mood. Chase the storm and tell your story.”

The Stormy Mood

My intro may seem melodramatic, but I wanted to tell a story rather than shoot a simple landscape of a storm. The challenge objective is to push my thinking. Frankly, I struggled to find that “Stormy Mood” image. I was in Winslow, AZ the first part of the week, where sunny skies reigned. Friday, we got to Yucca Valley, CA and while there was evidence of a storm, it was again… clear.

Until overnight.

No, I didn’t go out at midnight to chase the storm. Lucky for me, the morning sky remained moody, so I grabbed my camera and went on the hunt for a subject. After many failed ideas, I remembered Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley and found what I was looking for. Generally, I don’t shoot portrait orientation–partially because they don’t work on this blog format, thus, you may have noticed a different photo for the header–but I wanted to include the sun shining through the window and it only worked vertically. So there it is.

My Week One Mess Up

I screwed up the first week’s image. Somehow my brain interpreted the prompt as “Leading Lines” and used shadow to lead the eye to the image, but it was actually “Eye Line” where your subject’s eyes lead the viewer’s eyes through the image. So I made a different image. If you’re interested, check it out.

Next Week’s Prompt!

I’ve got some ideas brewing, an experiment I’ve been wanting to try. See you next Sunday…

Later gators!

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