Eye Line: Dogwood 52 Week One

Way back in 2016 (doesn’t it feel like a million years ago?), I participated in the Dogwood 52 photo challenge, something I ran across on Instagram. A professional portrait photographer who’d fallen into a slump created the challenge. To get himself motivated, he developed a list of 52 photo prompts, one for each week, as a way to push both his photography skills and creativity. Other photographers joined in, including me.

Why? Because during that time I’d slipped into the bad habit of shooting only with my iPhone. The challenge forced me to get my DSLR back in hand. I loved it and loved the images I made during that challenge.

2023 Dogwood 52-Week Challenge

This year, I’m participating again. If you read my New Year’s Day post, you know I’ve returned to creating after a three-year break. Fresh website. Putting myself out there for freelance content creation including writing, photography, and videography. End of last year, I even went back to school for Design Arts at the University of Arizona. The program is the coolest.

As I did in 2016, I’ll post my work each week. Not a long blog post, no rambling explanations, simply the image and maybe a note or two.

Let’s kick things off with an image of… a camera. Appropriate, right?

Dogwood 52 Week 1: Leading Eye Lines

Okay, so this is a correction. The image below was my original posted photo for week one, a duo-toned image of shadows leading the eye to the subject.

Dogwood 52 Week One Leading Lines
Use lines to lead the viewer’s eye to the subject.

And then I read the prompt again.

Screwed that one up, eh?

After figuring this out, I did a REDO, using my kitty Don Alfonso del Pájaros. And yes. He always licks the spoon before dinner like a circus bear.

Now that I’m on the right track, let’s move on.

Perhaps next week I’ll get the prompt right.

It figures. Last week we had crazy storms. Now the skies are clear. Challenge indeed.

Until next week…

Later gators!

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