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Dogwood 2017 – Old Things I Love

February 25, 2017 – Howdy! If you’ve been following along, you know in 2016 I participated in the Dogwood 52 Week Photo Challenge, one photo a week on an assigned topic, and since I’m a writer, I added the additional challenge of writing a weekly blog post about the image made. Whew. This year, I’m giving myself a break. Although I’m participating in the Dogwood 2017 Advanced 52 Week Photo challenge, I’m going to focus my writing on what matters… my novels.

Instead of weekly recaps, I’ll toss up a couple of months worth. This year, I set a theme for myself: “Old Stuff I Love“–and yeah, I realize that means I’m calling my feller old when I include him, but hey! I’ve had him around for a long time, so he qualifies, right?

January Photos

Dogwood Week 1 Rule of Thirds Dogwood52

WEEK 1 Story: Rule of Thirds:The rule of thirds is the first compositional rule most photographers learn; but most don’t know why they learn it. The rule of thirds is amazing for telling a story. Tell a story using rule of thirds.” Brian in the mist.

WEEK 2 Technical: SOOC:Straight out of the Camera. No Photoshop. Shoot a compelling image and post it without edits. No cheating! (Be sure and save the image file for the end of the challenge!)” Bondorella and the Impending Storm

WEEK 3 Artistic: Land:Your inspiration this week is land. This could be a landscape, or an image inspired by the land in some way.” Boulders on my favorite hike.

WEEK 4 Story: Mirror:Tell a story using a mirror.” Late night in the garage. 1948 Ford, 1936 Harley-Davidson, 1960 Husband. By far, my favorite image I’ve made this year.

WEEK 5 Technical: Ten Shots:Shoot 10 shots of the same subject. Each shot should be from a different angle, distance, and focal length. Share your favorite image from the set.” Route 66, Seligman Arizona in the snow. My favorite of the ten shots, thanks to the sinister nature this angle provided.

February Photos

WEEK 6 Artistic Candy:A throwback to one of the favorite weeks of the original challenge. Your artistic inspiration this week is candy. Since this is the advanced challenge… you can’t actually use candy in the scene.” Since giving up sugar six months ago, an apple is now sweeter than soda, sweeter than candy.

WEEK 7 Story Forgotten:Abandoned was a very popular week in the original challenge. For the advanced challenge tell the story of something forgotten.” Forgotten pump in a forgotten town, Desert Center, CA. Oh, the stories of the people on the road, using these pumps, exploring new terrains and small towns. Now, we have endless miles of Interstate slab, cars that need few fuel stops, and zero personality strip-malls with chain after chain of fast food. True road travel has been forgotten.

Dogwood Week 8 Technical One Shot: Imagine that it is the last frame on a roll of film, and you have to nail it. For this challenge only take one shot. No deleting, no 2nd shot. The honor system is in play.” For Valentines Day, we bought a hundred-year-old Mahjong set with a wonderful family story. How beautiful are these tiles? I loved this challenge. Why? Because instead of firing off shot after shot and making adjustments, I had to think through every single element before hitting the trigger. Once and only once. For additional challenge, I set up a backlit situation. Overall pleased, although of course, there are always things I would have changed up had I been able to hit the trigger one more time.

Dogwood Week 9 Artistic Still Life:  “Your inspiration this week is Still Life. A couple of pieces of fruit on a table won’t impress in the advanced challenge though… so really be creative.” Long exposure while moving light around to create the balance I wanted and bring out lots of detail. Taken at the Motor Palace.

And there you have it. My year in review thus far.

Now, back to my novel in progress.

Until next time…

Later Gators!!

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