Adaptive Reuse

Project: Infographic

  • Evaluate small-scale solutions to big environmental problems 
  • Identify audience and research information that might persuade your audience to invest in change
  • Graphically convey statistical information in the form of an infographic to make research statistics easier to read and understand
  • Used Adobe Illustrator to create individual graphs and compiled in Adobe InDesign into Infographic Poster

The images on the right show a few of the properties that have been reimagined in Winslow Arizona. They were built between 1892 and 1940. Nearly every one of these was slated to be torn down but saved thanks to adaptive reuse.

The infographic’s center area is dedicated to the key supporting elements. From an economic standpoint, heritage tourism will bring more tourists to town, who will stay at hotels and eat at the restaurants. Also an economic factor, the cost of materials. For instance, an average brick price of .91 cents multiplied by 34,800 bricks to make up 5800 square feet of wall, would save $31,668 dollars in materials, not counting mortar and rebar and labor and transportation to get them here.

From a social standpoint, locals now feel proud of their downtown instead of embarrassed. Plus, the adaptive reuse has created more housing, which is sorely in need in Winslow.

The environmental pillar is the most interesting. The amount of greenhouse gasses saved by reduce, reuse, and recycle is significant. Think about the cost of demolition, the creation of new materials, the transporting of material, the construction. All of this leads to embodied carbon. A building that has been standing for 100 years has more than made up for the carbon used to build it. You can see in this graph the differences in embodied carbon in three scenarios: Demolish/Rebuild, New Construction, Rehabilitation.

And lastly, since this is directed at city officials, what can ease the way to make all of this happen. Of course, enlightened zoning, like what is currently in place and at risk.

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