Change, Change, Change

I wrote the title in triplicate due to three major life changes:

Selling the Merc

Brian always says its as important to know what you don’t want to do as it is to know what you do. As usual, he’s right.

When I left the news business, I wanted a total change. We moved to Winslow and opened a store. I loved creating the space. I loved meeting people and hearing their stories. I loved bonding with our local customers over milk. But in general, I didn’t love running a store. I missed being creative.

If all goes well with the sale, we will close in August, then shift our focus to one historic building (the Motor Palace) plus, spend more time at our house near Joshua Tree.

ASUA-NY President

If you’ve been following this blog, you know I returned to school in 2021 to finish the degree I started in my twenties. Thanks to online school, I am able to do that. I am a junior (almost senior) at the University of Arizona getting a degree in Design Arts.

Online school is fantastic. Not only has it given me a way to fix my greatest regret, it also allows me to return to school without embarrassment. At my age, I’d feel weird walking into a classroom of twenty-somethings.

Online school, though, has some bumps. While doing a deep dive on how to communicate those issues, I saw they were looking for students to serve on a board representing online students. I applied. Interviewed. And was offered the role of president. I’m not sure, but I’m guessing I am probably the oldest student body president on record.

Creative Director/Affeldt Mion Museum

And this totally unexpected change…

In early May, I got a phone call from La Posada Hotel owner and historic preservationist Allan Affeldt about working with him on the museum located in the historic depot behind the hotel. After several meetings, we landed on a role as Creative Director.

Creative director Lori Bentley Law

Although I wasn’t looking for a job, Allan’s projects inspire me, and are a big part of why we invested in Winslow. The idea of being involved intrigued me. The role incorporates all of my skills and interests—writing, photography, videography, art, and historic preservation. How could I say no?

Creative director Lori Bentley Law

(Caught on security camera, photographing John’s winch)

The big push right now is to open the Hubbell-Joe Rug exhibit, the largest single-loom Navajo rug in the world, commissioned in 1932 by Lorenzo Hubbell Jr and woven by Navajo artist Julia Joe and her daughters (Lillie pictured at the loom, photos courtesy Old Trails Museum/Winslow Historical Society).

Creating a display for a piece this large and important has been years in the making, but we are finally getting close.

We’re also in a rebranding process, including a new logo, signage, and building a new website. In the meantime, please join our mailing list and follow our Facebook and Instagram. We’re hoping for a grand opening within the next few months.

There are so many cool plans for the museum: a sculpture garden, the 502 Railcar restoration, the James Turrell trailer exhibit (used while working on the Rodin Crater), a room of Mary Colter architectural models, and a celebration of the Winslow Society of Artists in the Contemporary Gallery. It’ll take time to get this all going, but it’s an exciting plan.

Busy Months Ahead

The next few months are going to be crazy busy, but pretty darned fun too. Looking forward to the challenge!


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