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    JUNE 4, 2014 Day 64 of my 100 Happy Days started with an Amazon email recommending my own book to me! They know me so well!! Hahaha! Seeing Motor Dolls on top of course made me happy, even though I’m sure Amazon didn’t do this by accident. Yeah. I wrote a book. Click the picture […]

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  • 63 Happy Days: FUN COWORKERS!

    63 Happy Days: FUN COWORKERS!

    JUNE 3, 2014 It’s almost midnight. Just wrapped up the work night in Corona Del Mar. No time to write, must drive home. But hey! I posted my 100 Happy Days, right? Election night working with these two clowns, Miss Mary and SuMo, at the Kashkari-for-governor-HQ made everything fun. They are two of my favorite people […]

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  • 62 Happy Days: COOL SHOPS

    62 Happy Days: COOL SHOPS

    JUNE 2, 2014 Today was destined to be filled with cars. I hit this horrendous traffic en route from Corona del Mar to Lincoln Heights for my assignment of the day, about a mechanic being strong-armed by the city of Los Angeles to sell his property so they can redo the intersection–which yeah, does need some […]

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  • 61 Happy Days: BFF’s BIRTHDAY!!

    61 Happy Days: BFF’s BIRTHDAY!!

    JUNE 1, 2014   Happy birthday to you! You live in a zoo! You look like a …ZEBRA!! And you smell like one too!!   Hahahhahha! That never gets old! Yes. I’m a ten year old boy. It’s my pal Jenny’s birthday today. Twenty-four years ago I took this picture, one of many experimental photo […]

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  • 60 Happy Days: ROAD FLOWERS

    60 Happy Days: ROAD FLOWERS

    MAY 31, 2014 Saturday!! Yee haw! I love the weekends. I know, I know. I’m pretty special in that regard considering most people dread time off work to do the things they love. Uh huh… For once, we rolled out of bed at a reasonable Saturday hour, hopped in the Porn Sled, and started our […]

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  • 59 Happy Days: THE PORN SLED

    59 Happy Days: THE PORN SLED

    MAY 30, 2014 EEK!!! I have eleven minutes to write this and get my 100 Happy Days post, posted!! It’s Friday!!!!! Woo hoo! I’m so ready to put this week to bed after covering a homicide every day. Yuck. Hopefully next week won’t be quite so bleak. I did have an interesting medical shoot this […]

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  • 58 Happy Days: NEW FRIENDS

    58 Happy Days: NEW FRIENDS

    MAY 29, 2014 Being a news photographer carries a lot of tough moments, as evidenced this week, when every day I’ve had to cover an horrific crime. BUT… there are great things too, like meeting new people I otherwise never would have come across. Conversations with strangers simply make a day happier, and that’s the point […]

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  • 57 Happy Days: CANDY!

    57 Happy Days: CANDY!

    MAY 28, 2014 Happiness is a controllable state of mind. That’s what this 100 Happy Days exercise promotes… and proves, or at least should. I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday. Even if I had to cover death and destruction again, I would find better ways to cope, ways to keep myself happy. And I […]

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  • 56 Happy Days: WORKDAY BEHIND ME

    56 Happy Days: WORKDAY BEHIND ME

    MAY 27, 2014 Covering a murder suicide of a family of four doesn’t inspire 100 Happy Days thoughts. You can see the day’s difficulty in the faces of these reporters. I tried. I really tried to find something happy in the day, but breaking tragic news to friends of the family sucks, big time. It […]

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