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    JUNE 13, 2014 Woo hoo! Nighttime road trippin! I’m writing this on my iPhone, so excuse any bad formatting (and bad writing). I read on someone’s Facebook page about the honey moon tonight, and thought seeing it from the desert would be pretty stellar. Supposed to be huge and golden/rosey colored. So here we are, […]

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  • 72 Happy Days: TOUGH ASSIGNMENT

    72 Happy Days: TOUGH ASSIGNMENT

    JUNE 12, 2014 Remember a couple of weeks ago, when every day I covered a murder of some sort? That was a very bad week, the kind of week that made it hard to find my 100 Happy Days moment. Like Day 56, when the best part of the day was it being over. In comparison, this week has […]

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  • 71 Happy Days: BONDORELLA

    71 Happy Days: BONDORELLA

    JUNE 11, 2014 It’s been exceptionally hard to restrain myself from including Bondorella in every 100 Happy Days post. I mean… look at this beast!! How can that face not make you smile?? Here I am at Day 71, and–other than the Berry Run day–I hadn’t dedicated a post to my beloved truck. I never […]

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  • 70 Happy Days: FOOD BLOGS!

    70 Happy Days: FOOD BLOGS!

    JUNE 10, 2014 Let’s call this… a lazy blog post. Why? Because I’ve been writing a daily blog for 70 days straight in this 100 Happy Days challenge, and frankly, I’m a wee bit burned out–but I refuse to miss a day!! So here it is. My lazy post, a copy/paste of what I wrote on […]

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  • 69 Happy Days: GOOD DAY FOR THE FAM!

    69 Happy Days: GOOD DAY FOR THE FAM!

    JUNE 9, 2014 I… am emotionally exhausted, but in a good way. Two great things happened to my family that put this day into the 100 Happy Days: Daddy finished his radiation, and my niece Kayla won a Moto Camp scholarship.   A couple of days ago, I posted a flyer for a Girlz Moto […]

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  • 68 Happy Days: ROMEO

    68 Happy Days: ROMEO

    JUNE 8, 2014 It’s not everyday a girl falls in love with a miniature donkey, but hey, with a name like Romeo, how can you not? He totally made day 68 of my 100 Happy Days, completely happy. If you missed yesterday’s post, we high-tailed it out of Dodge (otherwise known as Orange) and booked a […]

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  • 67 Happy Days: BARN LOFT GETAWAY!

    67 Happy Days: BARN LOFT GETAWAY!

    JUNE 7, 2014 My battery is about caput… so I’ll let pictures do the talking. On a whim, we booked a barn loft in Morongo Valley at a place called Genuine Draft Ranch. OMG. This place is phenomenal, a step into another world. Talk about escapism!! This little trip sure made for a couple of […]

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  • 66 Happy Days: GAS STATION MOTO

    66 Happy Days: GAS STATION MOTO

    JUNE 6, 2014 Did you know it’s National Donut Day? Neither did I. Not until I saw a Facebook post. As our evening came to a close, we decided we couldn’t let such an important holiday pass without honoring the pastry, thus a late night trip to DKs Donuts for a red velvet piece of […]

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  • 65 Happy Days: PANCHOS!

    65 Happy Days: PANCHOS!

    JUNE 5, 2014 My fellow Triumph girl Mel asked me today about the 100 Happy Days challenge and if it truly has made me happier. (If you’re reading, hi Mel!) You know what? Yeah… it has. Doing this challenge keeps happy on the brain’s forefront. Throughout the day, the happy choice lingers in my head. I snap […]

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