Bodyscape: Week 15

Not a typical bodyscape, but hands hold the magic.

It’s gnarled and ugly. A working girl’s hand (no, not that kind of working girl). These hands have pulled cable, rebuilt brakes, sanded bondo, gotten battered and beaten in a thousand ways. They can also hold a pencil or type on a keyboard or hit the shutter on a camera or pet the cat or enfold with Brian’s. They may not be pretty, but these hands truly do hold the magic.

Plus, I sure wasn’t going to get naked for a bodyscape or ask Brian to, so the hand it is.

And now…

I have two big school projects due tomorrow, so I’m making this short to get back to homework.

Next Week’s Prompt:

Cool. Reminds me of a Word Expression exercise in my Graphic Design Class.

Until next week…

Later Gators!

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