Design Thinking.

The work-in-progress creative space of Lori Bentley Law and Brian Law.

“Deciding What Not To Do Is As Important As Deciding What To Do.”

Designing Life

Lori and Brian both returned to college after successful careers:

Lori to study Design Arts and Practices at the University of Arizona.
Brian to study Urban Archeology at Cal Poly Humboldt.

They have designed the life they want.

Lori’s Specialty.

Web Design.

Beyond making things pretty, they should function well.


Writing engaging new content, newsletters, blogposts, and more.


Twenty-four years as a television videojournalist.

Brian’s Specialty.

Historic Preservation.

Focused on sustainability and preservation of our building past.

Urban Archeology.

Drawing on sustainable history to inform modern design.

Urban Planning.

Accredited New Urbanist specializing in walkable cities


Why Lori Left News

Read the Blogpost that went viral when she decided to leave the news business.

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