Alphabet Photography: Week 16

Don Alphonso del Pájaros was totally stoked to model for this week’s Alphabet Photography challenge. Can’t you tell?

Alphabet Photography

What is alphabet photography? It’s finding abstract letters in the world around us. Sometimes everything falls into place. While cleaning our store on Wednesday, I contemplated how to approach the Alphabet Photography challenge. I thought about spelling “draw” with pencils, but that wasn’t really “finding” letters. Or maybe hunt nature for abstract letters. While moving one of the clothing racks around, though, I noticed the old bird stand I use for a sign holder looked like a letter C. Cool! Now to find a word. I turned to my left. Another bird stand that looked like an A. On the table in back, a coat rack that looked like a T.

The universe totally threw me this one.

The Dangerous Part

I arranged the stands, made the photo, but wasn’t wowed. It needed something. A cat. How perfect to spell cat with bird stands and then have a cat. I grabbed (not-so-little-anymore) Alphons, put my camera on a timer, and tried to hold him up in the center of the A but he squirmed away before the shutter clicked every time.

He was not diggin’ it.

Even though Brian was deep in a project, he offered to help. He’s such a good sport. Once I had the shot all set, he lifted Alfie and I clicked before kitty could get agitated. We made the above image pretty quickly, but then we thought we’d try one more, getting Alfie higher in the A. When kitty wriggled this time, Brian lost his grip and Al fell on Brian’s face.

Making the Alphabet Photography, Brian got cat cuts

I can’t say no harm was done in the making of this photo. Brian’s nose and lip bled for a long time, but when he saw the photo, he said it was totally worth it. Told you he was a good sport! Thankfully, Don Alphonso was fine and doesn’t hold grudges. He was totally cool with it too.

School Stuff

I think there’s been a misconception this year-long photo project is part of my school work, but it’s not. It’s something I do occasionally to keep the creative juices flowing. I thought it would pair well with my studies in Design Thinking.

What I AM doing in school right now is expanding the boundaries of my creativity in Illustration class. I asked the professor to push me, and she is, in all kinds of cool ways. Our current project is Op-Ed Illustration. I chose an op-ed piece about fears around AI, something that’s been on my mind a lot. I love where the illustration is going, and will share next week when its finished.

Speaking of which, time to get back to it!

Next Week’s Prompt:

Ooooohhhh… I like this one. See you next week!

Happy No Worries Sunday to All!

Later gators!

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