100 Happy Days

99 Happy Days: EVENING DRIVE

JULY 9, 2014

The minute I walked in the door from work,  Bondorella’s siren song called to me from the garage, Come drive me! Come drive me! Brian wasn’t home from work yet, and I’d been wanting to get her out for a picture with a very cool new shirt I got (more on that in a minute). 

I’ve been selective regarding truck posts. I could have pretty much alternated my Happy Days pictures between my feller, my truck, and my motorsickles, but I’ve been mixing it up instead, identifying the not so obvious things in my life that make me happy. On the happy scale, driving Miss Bondorella is pretty off the charts.

So I get to the location where I want to do the picture, set up the tripod, grab a copy of Motor Dolls, and did a couple test shots when a super nice couple–photographers–-stop to ogle Bondorella. We chatted until we lost the sun, so I didn’t get the shot. But that’s okay. My hair looked lousy anyway, and I made a couple of new friends. Bondorella: bringing people together. So just what was the shot? Must wait. I’m going to try again tomorrow.

One more day, one more post. Wow. It’s going to be weird to stop.

Until  tomorrow, the FINAL 100 Happy Days post…

Later gators!

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