100 Happy Days

98 Happy Days: SCAVENGED ART

JULY 8, 2014

So after a long hot busy day at work, I came home to my super swell feller, and sat down at our breakfast nook table to share a plate of food. Romantic, right? We’re like that. (Not really). Sharing meals with my man is always a highlight of a day, and therefore a significant part of my 100 Happy Days.Because I wanted to look pretty for him at dinner time, I turned my phone camera on in selfie mode, and saw her peaking over my shoulder.

This painting on tin is rusted, the frame is chipped, but we love her. About eighteen years ago, a friend salvaged her from a house he was helping another friend clear out. She was destined for the dumpster until Dane intervened and snagged her for us. She’s been in our home ever since. And we love her. This painting has always made me happy. She’s watching over me.

While my little photo bomb may seem pretty ridiculous in this picture, it was much needed.

You need to be a bit goofy after covering the kind of story I covered today. Such a senseless loss of fifteen-year-old girl. She was walking her seven-year-old sister home from school, when a guy asked her what time it was. She stopped. He grabbed her new iPhone–one given to her just last week as a reward for good grades–and took off running. She chased him until he climbed into a car, and she jumped on the trunk. As they drove away, the driver jerked the car, trying to throw her off. Which he did. Saturday, she died from brain injury. All for what? A damned cell phone.

Sigh. Not a happy thing.

Let’s go back to looking at the painting. Ahhh….

Until tomorrow!

Later gators!!

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