JULY 6, 2014

I’ve mentioned a couple of times in the last fifteen or so days my Happy Days blog burnout. It hasn’t gotten a whole lot better although I did finish one major chore that will help! Remember back to Day 13, when I got notes back from an agent on my novel CALIFORNIA COTTON? Two and half months later, I have at last finished the revisions and hit SEND.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is. While I love writing, editing can be quite tedious. What I do like about it, is watching the story grow better with each round. Thanks to the help of one of my writer/critique-r friends, and the notes from the agent, I think it’s in pretty darned good shape. Wish us luck.

I had some help from The Professor while working today. Always good to have a smart guy around. And yeah, the neighbor’s cat spends more time at our place than his, and we’re not even feeding him!

In between mad bouts of writing, I managed to try out a new wheat bread recipe to replace the one from DAY 33, and it was AWESOME.


Why replace the old one? Not only is this one 100% wheat instead of the old half/half number I used to make, it was WAY easier to make! Winner winner!!

Man. I feel like the last twenty or so daily posts have been really weak. I think I’ve depleted the old writing stores. My apologies.

I’m mighty happy there are only FOUR MORE DAYS to go!! Yee haw!!!

Until tomorrow…

Later gators.



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