JULY 5, 2014

Wow. I hadn’t realized how much I needed a relaxing long weekend at home. Every weekend, we’ve been running off somewhere, so kicking back and simply playing with my patio plants, running a couple of errands, cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner with my best feller has made me exceptionally happy. Often those tiny little moments make for the happiest of days.


So what are all of these “happy days” things picture above? Let me tell ya:

(1) I walked into the kitchen this morning to make our coffee and breakfast, and found a swath of sunlight across the counter, with yesterday’s apple pie smack dab in the middle. I didn’t move the pie an iota for this picture. Clearly it was a sign we needed to eat pie for breakfast. So we did.

(2) In case you haven’t figured it out, we eat a lot of homemade tortillas. Probably more than we eat bread. It’s a staple. Tonight, after spending the day working on the patios, a nice dinner of guacamole, cold tri-tip, and homemade corn tortillas hit the spot. And hey. I enjoyed watching Brian from my relaxed position on my patio.

(3) In some ways, not having a yard kind of stinks. In another, we have three really cool patios, with no grass mowing needed. The lights we put up on two of the patios gives it a party like atmosphere. A party for two. ‘Cause we crazy like dat. Woot! Woot!

(4) A couple of years ago, we bought a glider off of Craiglist. In addition to the glider, the woman asked if we’d give her potted Meyer Lemon Tree a home too. We obliged. This will be our third season of Lemon’s from this wonderful little tree. Hello first lemon of the season!! Can’t wait until you’re ripe!

(5) Speaking of lemons. I love them in just about everything. Favorite beverage? This right here. A wedge of lemon in a glass of ice water. Makes me happy every single time. Silly, right? And don’t start telling me how bad it is, how I’m drinking bacteria, blah, blah, blah. I don’t care. It’s way better than what most people drink. So there.

(6) Seedlings. Brian’s Anasazi beans and my sugar pumpkins are growing strong!! Brian planted a couple of beans from the bag of our very favorite frijoles, and I planted a couple of seeds from one of our friend Mark’s sugar pumpkins. Look at them go! Hopefully the pumpkins will survive today’s transplant.


So see?? Lot’s of silly little things that totally made me happy. Oh, and one more. Writing this post made me want more pie. And some home-roasted decaf. So yeah… I did it. Like I said, I’m crazy like… okay. One ghetto phrase a post is plenty.


Until next time…

Later gators!



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