92 Happy Days: CAT ANTICS

JULY 2, 2014

I’ve mentioned in a few of my 100 Happy Days posts, my neighbor’s cat The Professor. He’s a super cool dude. And the best part? He’s not mine, so I don’t have to feed him, scoop his poop, or put up with misbehaving. Lately, he’s even been meowing at the door to come in, and we oblige.

Then there’s the other neighbor’s cat, Whitney (seen here in the upper right of the screen… the pointy ears up on the roof). Unlike The Professor, Whitney doesn’t have time for people, and even though we like her a lot, she could not care less about us, or so she likes to let us think. She rules this building (we have one shared wall with Whitney’s people). She doesn’t deign to allow humans to pet her. She lurks around on our railings and roof, and even makes herself at home inside our place when she thinks we’re not around.

Tonight, when she saw Professor hanging out at our place, she got a little ticked.

It was a hot day today, and frankly, neither Brian nor I wanted to cook, so we ordered a pizza. A great one, from Wise Guys. Because it was such a lovely evening, I decided to sit out on the patio with the visiting Professor. It didn’t take long before Whitney poked her head over the wall. She is not a Professor fan. It made for great entertainment watching these two jerks stare each other down, and then pretend the other doesn’t exist. Cats! What a bunch of idiots!

Considering I’m not in the mood to write about the news day… Bath time!!

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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