JULY 1, 2014

Whew. It was a fun news day but an exhausting one covering the World Cup game between Belgium and the United States. Part of Pine Street in Long Beach became a gigantic street party as 1000s watched a jumbo-tron set up in the middle of the closed down street. Ah… happy days.

 Even though I’m not much of a sport’s fan, it was hard not to get caught up in the crowd’s enthusiasm.

 Because the game went into extra time (and no, that isn’t my sports ignorance talking–that’s what they call it), we were totally crunched at the end to write, edit, and get it on the air, but we did it, and quite frankly, it was pretty good! (Thanks to Hetty’s great writing!) So why the bowl of cherries and not the fun news coverage? Well… The U.S. lost, and when you’re hot and tired and hungry and remember the bowl of cherries in the news van, that’s a very happy thing.

  Life indeed is… A bowl of cherries. Until tomorrow… Later gators!

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