89 Happy Days: YUCCA VALLEY

JUNE 29, 2014

If you’ve been following along, you probably realize by now we’re a bit obsessed with the Joshua Tree/Yucca Valley area. In fact, we’ve been getting out of dodge and heading that direction nearly every weekend. The place quite simply makes us happy. Fewer people. Less chaos. Solitude. Peace. Beauty. Need I say more? The area has made it into my 100 Happy Days more than once and likely will again.

In fact, we hope to buy there soon, and today found a likely candidate. Originally we’d been looking at places a bit more remote. Quirky homestead places. Homes that would require some major vision. But then we saw this place.

Although it’s way more traditional than what we’d been looking for, the land, the mature vegetation, the impeccable condition sold us from the minute we pulled in.

As for the interior, it wasn’t anything exciting, but nothing awful either, simply needs some fresh flooring, popcorn ceilings either scraped or filled, and undoing some modernization of fixtures. We love that the kitchen cabinets are original, and not tacky home depot replacements.

Love the wooden closet doors.

The stone fireplace.

Picture all of this with maybe some parquet floors, or something period correct. We’d like to decorate mid-century California ranch. But most of all, we really love the lot.

The home was owned by the Skinners, who we believe may the original owners. We’ve traced them back to ’73 in the house (which was built in ’66), but the way the document was worded, and the fact that ’73 is the farthest record back, it seems they may have been there since the beginning. Considering the meticulous nature of the property, it wouldn’t surprise me. Someone truly loved this home.

So… we’re contemplating. Stay tuned. Perhaps soon we will have a very Happy Day in Yucca Valley, with many more Happy Days to come.

Until tomorrow….

Later gators!


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