100 Happy Days

85 Happy Days: BRIAN “OZZY” LAW

JUNE 25, 2014

You know… I just felt happy all day. I’ve had a lot of days like that lately. I wonder if it has anything to do with the 100 Happy Days. Hmmm… Something to ponder.

Goodness knows my story wasn’t happy. Another deputy involved shooting in Compton. What did make me happy though, was crossing paths with the morning crew, including reporter Toni Guinyard, who has the world’s most electric smile.

So much sadness at the scene in Compton. Crying families. Anger with the Deputies. Chants of injustice. Not a lot of opportunity for a Happy Days picture. At one point, though, I posted a picture to Facebook, a cropped version of the family picture we took in Winslow. This is the original:


And this is the crop:

Brian thought he’d be funny, and put on his round glasses and pull his hair forward. It didn’t dawn me until today that it’s like being photo-bombed by Ozzy Osbourne. The comments from people on the Facebook thread totally cracked me up.  Leave it to my brother to pick up on the Ozzy/Bat thing. Ha! Totally forgot about that. So you see, it wasn’t just ONE moment provided by this picture, but several throughout the day, why I after the fact, made this my happy days picture. See feller? Even when you’re not around, you make me happy.

Until tomorrow..,

Later gators!


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