JUNE 23, 2014

Wow! So many happy things today, I don’t know where to begin!

First off, it’s my mommy’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Maw! I’m so glad I got to see her at least close to her birthday, if not on the actual day.

We had an odd greeting at the Motor Palace this morning. Up on the Northwest corner of the building, a raven sat squawking as a couple of little birds dive-bombed him until he finally vacated his spot.

The goofball Raven then went to the trashcan, and proceeded to pull each piece of trash out, one by one, until he found just what he was looking for. These birds are so stinking smart.

The official 100 Happy Days photo came just outside of Winona on the I-40. I love to see classics being driven, like this fabulous Pontiac. One of the best parts about it? The smile on the guy’s face. Pure joy. When we passed him again (after we fueled in Flagstaff), he STILL had the gigantic smile. His happiness totally made me happy.

We’re always sad leaving Winslow, and try to prolong the day as much as possible, like taking the long way home. We stopped in Ash Fork, a small town we usually pass right by. I needed to do a bit of novel research there, so took a few minutes to walk around and check out some of the buildings.

AND…we of course stopped in Seligman for Snow Cap Tacos. Again, I did a little walking around while we were waiting for food.

To prolong the inevitable even more, we routed through one of my favorite Route 66 towns, Oatman.

Why is it one of my favorites? BURROS!!!

This nice old Evo looks like it’s on a fun adventure!! OH!! And want to hear something crazy?? While in Oatman, I heard a voice behind me, a very distinctive voice. I turned and said, “Ed and Jude?” Sure enough, the great couple from San Diego we met at the Motor Palace, had also routed through Oatman to stretch out their last hours on the road. Cool, right?

Let’s see… It’s after 10pm now, and we’re still not home. I’m writing this on the road. Considering we left Winslow around 8am, I’d say we stretched the day out just fine, don’t you think?

Until tomorrow back to work day…

Later Gators!





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