81 Happy Days: MY FELLER

JUNE 21, 2014

True Confessions time: I didn’t write this blog post on the 21st. I was way too happy on my 16th Wedding Anniversary to sit down and do it, but I really don’t want to miss a day, so here I am, on the 22nd, filling you on my day. So just pretend “today” (which was really yesterday) isn’t a lie.

Here we go:

Today was the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice, the day my feller decided 16 years ago we should be married. He’s not an outwardly romantic guy, but he’ll do subtle things like choosing our wedding date because he wanted the happiest day of our lives to be the longest. Pretty special, right?We had a truly lovely day.

Watched the motorcycles go by.


Met a nice couple…

Ed and Jude from San Diego, even did a little book exchange with them.


Went to a local talent show at the park…

Where I got to be the “official” photographer of the event, when their photographer didn’t show up!

We both feel so at home here in Winslow, and have made tons of friends. The entire day was filled with smiles.

Okay. Time to write the real “today” post…

Until a few minutes from now…

Later gators!


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