100 Happy Days


JUNE 20, 2014

When it comes to vacations, I like to split up one of my weeks into three long weekends: One for Brian’s birthday in February, one for my birthday in April, and one for our anniversary in June. It makes for nice little mini-vacations before our annual “big” motorcycle trip, when we take two or three weeks (this year will be two) to travel somewhere far from home (this year to Nashville). The mini-vacas provide a perfect mental break. All three of our four day weekends this year, put us in Winslow–a happy place for us both. The building has provided us so many happy days, and it’s not even done yet.


The road trip from Orange to Winslow. We’ve done it a gazillion times. We were making good time until we hit this nasty backup east of Seligman.

At least it gave me a chance to photograph the local Crows. Or Ravens. We’re still trying to learn the subtle differences between them.

The source of the ten mile backup? THIS construction:


And now… it’s time for me to get to work. As I’ve mentioned, I’m working on the second draft of my novel California Cotton. I’ve never been happy with the last few chapters, and neither are the people who’ve read the novel. It’s the weak point of the book. On the drive over, my feller and I talked out several ideas, and thanks to him, I think we finally hit on the right combo.

Which means I need to go write.

From Winslow Arizona… Later gators!




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