JUNE 17, 2014

Remember a couple of days ago I mentioned my obsession with Food Blogs? (More than mentioned, wrote an entire post about). The addiction hasn’t diminished. How can it when Joy the Baker posts recipes like this  Vegan Toasted Coconut Pistachio Ice Cream made with coconut milk? I had to try making this. I know it’s Tuesday, but come on! I needed something for my Happy Days post! In truth, I started to make it yesterday since the concoction needed to cool in the fridge, plus I had to freeze my canister. But hey. Let’s just call it Tuesday Ice Cream and be done with it.

I think because I added less booze, it froze up WAY too hard. I’m talking like rock solid, icy, ain’t nothing gettin’ through! Even after half an hour sitting out, it wouldn’t scoop. I chipped off a couple of chunks, and feller and I scarfed it down, because even with wonky texture, the taste was muy bueno. Just what I needed. Mmmmm….

BTW… Look at these stupid neighbor cats at war!

Stupid cats. Too bad I love them so. The Professor and Whitney.


Legalizing marijuana in Santa Ana. The city has been fighting the dispensaries for years, but it seems to be a losing battle. Their solution? Legalize them and charge a 10% tax. I have strong opinions on the subject about the dangers… but I’m going to refrain going on my soapbox about how pot robs people of motivation.

Okay! Bath time!!!

Later gators.



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