100 Happy Days

76 Happy Days: HAPPY NEWS DAY

JUNE 16, 2014


Going lame on you again since I’m still experiencing blog burnout, and since the goal is to be HAPPY in this 100 Happy Days, challenge, I’m going to take a bath instead of writing, and instead share with you my Facebook post.

Ahhh… what a swell way to start off a week, a news story full of good stuff, people helping people, and a school full of creative art, including a tree made from scrap wood and a wave made of cardboard. Repurposing is the name of the game in this story to air Sunday on NBC4LA as part of the Life Connected series–just the kind of good news the world needs more of.

Can’t give you details on the story just yet since it hasn’t aired. And this art didn’t photograph nearly as well as I’d hoped. It was way cool in person.

Okay. Skin is crawling. Signing off. xoxo

Later gators!


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