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75 Happy Days: MY DADDY!

JUNE 15, 2014

It’s Father’s Day!!  Yep. I’m a daddy’s girl. There’s bond between a daddy and a daughter unlike anything else. Quite simply, I adore my daddy.


Honestly, I got really lucky in the parental spectrum. I have an awesome mom AND an awesome dad. They’re two very different relationships, and I’m so thankful for both. It makes me sad my mommy didn’t get more time with her daddy, who passed away when she was just ten. It’s an important relationship, and I thank my stars every day I not only have a dad in my life, but one as smart, funny, kind, loving, and strong as mine. He really is the best.

You mean the world to me, Daddy.


I would like to also honor my father-in-law Mojave Joe.

He embraced me and treated me like a daughter from the day we met. Thank you for your love. I miss you.

Brian’s words about his dad on his blog, Route66MotorPalace.com:


My father (Mojave Joe) bought a Powell Scooter and hid it from his parents at a friend’s house when he was 13 or 14. He rode a Harley Hummer, an AJS, and several others before he graduated to a “big twin.” He was 24 and it was a 1954 Harley-Davidson Hydro-Glide. From then on, he rode Harleys and BMWs exclusively. He had a soft spot for a Moto Guzzi but never got one. He was an Iron Butt Rider who completed several events including Four Corners, Border-to-Border, the PMC Greenhorn, plus countless SCMA and “Baby Butt” events. His last ride was to a Biker Blessing a few weeks before he left us in 2009. Anyway, it’s his fault I ride motorcycles, so it’s his fault we’ve adopted this ’87 Heritage. Thanks Dad, Happy Fathers Day!


Also a happy Father’s Day to my brother Wayne…

…who did whatever he could to get his daughter Kayla to the Girlz Moto Camp in Petaluma, driving countless hours, sleeping in the back of the truck, being there to support her and cheer her on. What a great dad you are.


Speaking of Kayla! She finished her Moto Camp with flying colors, one of the best in the class! I’m so proud of that kid!! Check her out.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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