100 Happy Days


JUNE 14, 2014

I did a tricky thing with my happy days post. When figuring out what to post, I noticed three of my images of the day were unintentionally similar, so I did the old “One of these things, is not like the other, one of these things doesn’t belong.” There are two obvious answers. Here, look. I’m sure you’ll see:


While we didn’t get to photograph the “honey” moon since we were driving, the moon in Joshua Tree was still pretty spectacular.



On the trip home, we stopped at Hadley’s and bought some dates and other goodies, and when we got home to Orange I baked us up a nice date cake. MAN!! Was it ever AWESOME. Every bite, Brian kept saying, “God! This is so good!” It was.


Morning sunlight is pretty spectacular on the cactus in Joshua Tree, don’t you think?


If you read yesterday’s post, you know we ran over something that wasted our tire. Brian put on the spare and we took it to the tire shop, but the hole was too bad to fix. Sadly, we had to leave Joshua Tree, and drive home on the spare.

So which one doesn’t belong??

  • The obvious answer is the cactus, right? The only thing that isn’t round.
  • Second obvious answer is the shredded tire, because it’s not happy.


Okay, so truthfully no one could possibly guess, although in my individual summary here, the answer exists.

  • The one that doesn’t belong is the date cake!!


Why? Because the other three pictures were taken in Joshua Tree, and the Date cake was taken in Orange! So obvious, right?? Hahahahahaha! My cleverness kills me.

By the way, if you want a STELLAR recipe for date cake, check this one out from the blog Spicy Spoon!  I made just one alteration, using Sucanat instead of refined sugar. (Sucanat is SUgarCAneNatural… dehydrated cane juice). And next time I make it, I’d probably use a bit less sugar. The recipe is written in metric measurements, but it’s easy enough to change using online converters.

Okay. Time to go!

Until next time…

Later Gators!



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