JUNE 13, 2014

Woo hoo! Nighttime road trippin! I’m writing this on my iPhone, so excuse any bad formatting (and bad writing). I read on someone’s Facebook page about the honey moon tonight, and thought seeing it from the desert would be pretty stellar. Supposed to be huge and golden/rosey colored. So here we are, 9:30 on Friday the 13th blasting out to Joshua Tree to better see the moon. Why not? Sounds like a good thing to do, right?

Plus, we really like to get away on the weekends. I know, I know. We just had an escape last weekend, but we need more!! What I REALLY wanted to do was go North, but sadly, Petaluma is just too far to go in a weekend to see little Miss Kayla in race camp. So bummed! At least we have the honey moon to look forward to.

In the news story realm…

It was a sad one, so I’m not going to write about it, but there was a hopscotch grid drawn on the sidewalk near our liveshot, and that made me happy! And a fun graffiti wall.

UPDATE #1: 10pm OMG!!! I just now remembered I have a 9 am appointment in Corona Del Mar in the morning!! Hahaha! Guess we’ll be leaving Joshua Tree about six tomorrow morning. What a bummer man! I’m such an idiot! Can’t believe I forgot.

UPDATE #2: 11pm … Made it to Joshua Tree in time for karaoke!

UPDATE #3 11:45–Uh… yeah. This just happened. Tire blew. Daaaaannnngggg…. I don’t think I’ll be making it to CDM for that 9 am appointment.

UPDATE #4 12:15 am–Yeah… okay. So you know the reason for this whole trip? The “honey” moon? Somewhere I thought I read it would be best viewed at 12:11am, so I had my camera all set on my tripod, we waited outside, and… nothing changed. Nothing! I mean, it’s a nice full moon and all but not worth driving nearly three hours for!

Turns out, I screwed that up. While we were driving, Brian said, “Whoa! Check out the moon!” It was super low on the horizon, very orange, and WAY cool. I should have grabbed my camera right then, but I thought, “Why get a bad driving shot when it’s supposed to be better at 12:11?” Idiot. THAT was the honey moon!!!! Had I thought about it for a half a second, I would have realized the moon would be biggest at horizon level. Duh. The moon past midnight had no orange tone,  white as can be! I totally missed the event. ARGH.

Okay, so writing on the phone is hard. I’m tired.

But hey… Even with the weird Friday the 13th kind of stuff, I still had a lovely day. Night night.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!


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