JUNE 12, 2014

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when every day I covered a murder of some sort? That was a very bad week, the kind of week that made it hard to find my 100 Happy Days moment. Like Day 56, when the best part of the day was it being over.

In comparison, this week has been pretty tame. That’s how news coverage goes. The good days. The bad days. The balance helps. Today, in fact, was downright delightful, just the kind of recalibration I needed.

A rundown of my day…

I’m based in our Orange County news bureau, and only occasionally have to go up to HQ in Universal City for various trainings. For once, traffic wasn’t too horrible, and downtown looked eerily cool in the fog.


After doing my training, I ran across this box of macaroons and ate only a few. Few? That makes me sound like such a pig. Couple? No. I ate more than two. Three to be exact. I promise. Really. Ahem. (Pig!)


Then it was back to OC, where I had a tasty quinoa mango salad for lunch at a very cool, although damned pricey bakery called Layer Cake. I won’t even tell you what my lunch cost. It’s too embarrassing. They had macaroons there too. “MACAROONS! THE NEW CUPCAKE!” No. I didn’t eat more macaroons. I’m not THAT much of a pig!


Speaking of things for the rich… In Newport Beach, I saw a Range Rover towing a Lamborghini. Ah… good old Newport.


Just a few minutes later, a different Lamborghini passed me by. (I know it was different because I checked the plates). Where else would you see two Lamborghinis in the span of a couple minutes??


The final happy days straw…

Here’s where the tough assignment came in. Ready? I had to do a site survey in Laguna Beach for President Obama’s visit this weekend. Wow. Such a hideous place. Oh, the torture of it all!! Make it stop!! hee hee…

Sometimes I forget how spectacular our California coastline is, especially the Laguna area with the cliffs and glorious foliage.


Yep. Not bad at all. I’ll take an awful assignment like this any day.


To top off the fine day, I came home to this…


…the neighbor’s cat The Professor RUNNING to greet me. What a lovely little day.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!



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