70 Happy Days: FOOD BLOGS!

JUNE 10, 2014

Let’s call this… a lazy blog post. Why? Because I’ve been writing a daily blog for 70 days straight in this 100 Happy Days challenge, and frankly, I’m a wee bit burned out–but I refuse to miss a day!! So here it is. My lazy post, a copy/paste of what I wrote on FACEBOOK:

I’m totally obsessed with food blogs. Reading what people are whipping up in their kitchens makes me immensely happy, part of loving to cook I suppose. Whenever I have downtime, I check out my favorites, and I have a lot of them. Two of the absolute best in my book, last posted recipes I seriously needed to make. So I did. From smitten kitchen, her Zucchini Pasta Salad, and from Tracy @ Shutterbean, her Spicy Corn Tomato Avocado Salad. Both recipes were seriously stellar. The only thing missing was a pie from Joy the Baker. By the way, Joy and Tracy do a fantastic podcast. They’ve even had Deb from Smitten Kitchen on as a guest. Check it out….

What?? Told you I was obsessed.

After I posted the picture on Facebook, I realized it looks like the food pictures are from the referenced blogs, but no, those are actually my pictures of the recipes made (theirs would be much better considering I took mine on an iPhone because I was too damned lazy to walk to the next room and grab my DSLR). See? Proof.

Oh! And it’s kind of funny Joy and Tracy made it into my 100 Happy Days, considering they laughed at the challenge on a recent podcast! Ha! That’s cool. I don’t hold it against them. It does seem kinda corny from the outside, but once you’re in the midst, you get it. As I’ve said many times before, it pulls me out of the news coverage funk.

Speaking of which–


My news day. Eh. Court stuff. Politician getting in trouble. And a near drowning. Thank goodness the two year old survived.

Until tomorrow… when hopefully I’ll get my blogging mojo back…

Later gators!!



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