100 Happy Days

68 Happy Days: ROMEO

JUNE 8, 2014

It’s not everyday a girl falls in love with a miniature donkey, but hey, with a name like Romeo, how can you not? He totally made day 68 of my 100 Happy Days, completely happy.

If you missed yesterday’s postwe high-tailed it out of Dodge (otherwise known as Orange) and booked a night at a BNB in Morongo Valley. Besides the fact that the hosts were super cool, Galiena has TONS of critters, and oh… how I love critters. Staying there felt a million miles away from reality. We loved every minute of it.


I mentioned on our last desert day trip adventure how we’re keeping our eye out for desert properties. We spent the second half of our day after leaving the Genuine Draft Ranch cruising the hood in search of interesting plots of land. We found a couple that intrigued us, but one especially captured our hearts–and it might seem weird. While most places we looked at had livable houses with, you know, ROOFS… we fell most in love with a burned out ruin of a rock house. The property was gorgeous and I absolutely love these rocks. Amongst the ruin, I picked a few pieces of melted glass. Pretty, right?

We have no clue about the status of this property, if it’s for sale, abandoned, someone’s future dream (ours!!!)… but we’re going to find out.


Hey look! A truck in the desert! Funny how they just seem to find me.

Toward the end of our weekend adventure, we had one last property we wanted to see, one just off old Route 66 at Cleghorn and the 15. After much winding around dirt roads, driving along a railroad track, crossing a creek, we finally had to give up. Nope. Never found it. Totally baffling.


For any of you out there who took the time to “Like” my niece Kayla’s scholarship entry for the Girl’Z Moto Camp… THANK YOU!!! She did such a fantastic job on her essay. I’m super proud of her. They were supposed to announce the winner tonight, but as of 10:45 when I’m writing this, still no word. Poor Kayla is crawling out of her skin. Frankly, so am I. I want her to win!!!!

Wish her luck!!!

Until tomorrow,

Later Gators!!





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