JUNE 6, 2014

Did you know it’s National Donut Day? Neither did I. Not until I saw a Facebook post. As our evening came to a close, we decided we couldn’t let such an important holiday pass without honoring the pastry, thus a late night trip to DKs Donuts for a red velvet piece of heaven.

The 100 Happy Days thing must be working because the girl commented how happy we were, even gave us a bonus donut. As we left she said, “Keep on spreading the joy!” Even though she’s the one with a case full of donuts! If I hadn’t already posted a happy day picture, I totally would have posted that moment. It sure made both of us even happier than we already were.

Since I started with the end of the day I’ll continue working backward. After work we went to the newly opened Packing House in Anaheim, a big food court in an old packing house with lots of hipster food–Indian, Japanese, homemade popsicles, reinvented comfort food–like a trendy food truck night minus the trucks and lovely Orange crate art, like this elegant peacock.

The food was great. Stellar atmosphere. And they had a tractor. Certainly enough to make the feller happy.

The news day. Well, we did a follow up to the deputy involved shooting from Memorial Day. Turns out the officer the suspect/victim allegedly shot was actually shot by his partner.

Okay. Moving on to happier stuff. Had a nice Street Spot this morning on my way to Compton.

And a couple girls two up on a bike, something you don’t often see.

And now we’re to the beginning of my day and this adorable Moto Gilera. For years the gas station owners have pushed this beauty outside for all to see. It makes me happy every time I get fuel there. What a fabulous little bike! May not be my most thrilling Happy Days post, but it’s something that consistently brings a smile to my face.


I’m realizing now, at the end of the day, I totally missed the boat on this post. Post number 66… NUMBER 66!!! on June 6!!!  66 on 6/6… and I didn’t post anything about Route 66…. where I own a building… a road I wrote a novel about. WHAT A MORON I AM!!! ARGH… Here. To make up for it, here’s a picture of me with the 66 Motor Palace… a place I LOVE. A place that totally makes me happy even if I neglected to post it on the perfect day for it!


Oops! Fretting over. Ten more minutes left of the day! Time to post… even if I did totally blow it.

Until happy Saturday…

Later gators!

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