100 Happy Days

65 Happy Days: PANCHOS!

JUNE 5, 2014

My fellow Triumph girl Mel asked me today about the 100 Happy Days challenge and if it truly has made me happier. (If you’re reading, hi Mel!) You know what? Yeah… it has. Doing this challenge keeps happy on the brain’s forefront. Throughout the day, the happy choice lingers in my head. I snap pictures of random things, anything that makes me smile or creates a sense of calm. Those might not end up as THE  happy moment, but they are things I may not have otherwise noticed had I not been searching for happy.

Take for instance today. I grabbed this shot out the window of my news van in… uh… I think Mission Viejo (I do a lot of driving in a day, making it hard to remember locations). What made me happy about this image? Agriculture in the middle of urban sprawl. I hope fields like this never go away.

A short time later, in Lake Forest, I noticed this amazing grove of Eucalyptus. I’ve driven down this road a bazillion times before, but never took time to truly see my surroundings. How awesome are these trees?

Food consistently makes me happy. I’m sure most people participating in the challenge have a high percentage of food posts. How can you not? Food is such a big part of our daily lives! Generally I take my lunch to work, but due to laziness, didn’t today. My news story–a medical shoot about a pediatric eye diagnostic tool–put me right next door to an empanada place! I love empanadas! AND… they made lemonade on the spot with crushed fruit added. I had the raspberry. Pretty stellar.

Even though I’ve already featured crows, I had to include this shot. A woman dumped her lunch bucket on the ground and I thought, what a pig! But then the crows swooped in, and I totally got why she did what she did. They particularly liked the cracker sandwiches. I snapped this so quickly, I didn’t quite nail my focus, but you get the idea!

By day’s end, I usually have quite a few little moments of happy gathered in images. They may not make it into the official challenge, but I add them to this blog as a reminder of how many things put a smile on my face.

My official happy day post for today ended up being food again, our favorite Mexican joint, Panchos. Since I worked until eight, I was too beat to cook and so was feller.

Right now I’m yawning up a storm (so should probably cut this short). Panchos makes both feller and me happy. Fun atmosphere, playful people, muy sabroso food!

Okay. So that heavy meal totally knocked me out. Time for a bath and bed.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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