100 Happy Days


JUNE 4, 2014

Day 64 of my 100 Happy Days started with an Amazon email recommending my own book to me! They know me so well!! Hahaha! Seeing Motor Dolls on top of course made me happy, even though I’m sure Amazon didn’t do this by accident. Yeah. I wrote a book. Click the picture below to find the buy options. (What… miss an opportunity promote? No way!)

Hay! Look at that! A HAY TRUCK!! I don’t know, it just seemed odd to find a giant flatbed of hay crawling along the 91 freeway near Downey. I mean come on! There are no farms around there!

Check out this nice photo my friend Richard sent me. He took it during a cop funeral, not exactly the happiest of occasions, but boy! I sure look like I love my camera, don’t I??

Regarding the daily news coverage, I’m beyond thankful my story didn’t involve death today. After last week, I needed a break. Instead we did fan coverage for game one of the Stanley Cup between the Kings and the Rangers. (That’s hockey in case you’re like me and not a sport’s fan).

Speaking of Kings, my BFF dug up these old photo-booth pictures in which I’m wearing a Kings hat. Immature beasts, weren’t we! So much has changed… Ha!

Since our news coverage took us to Manhattan Beach, I rang up BFF to see if she could meet me for dinner. While waiting for her, I walked down to the water’s edge to relax and watch the waves. The ocean’s ebb and flow soothes me.

The happiest Happy Days moment came when I looked over my shoulder and found my girl Jen Jen scanning the sand for me. After some stellar sushi, a cup of tea, and tons of laughter about things like topless head torquing and embarrassing items people find in your car, we called it a night.

Wow. Two of my favorite things in one day: the beach and my bff.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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