63 Happy Days: FUN COWORKERS!

JUNE 3, 2014

It’s almost midnight. Just wrapped up the work night in Corona Del Mar. No time to write, must drive home. But hey! I posted my 100 Happy Days, right? Election night working with these two clowns, Miss Mary and SuMo, at the Kashkari-for-governor-HQ made everything fun. They are two of my favorite people to work with. Plus the party included chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Nuf said.
Until tomorrow…


Hey Look! It’s tomorrow. This is my morning-after-amendment since I didn’t have time nor energy to write last night, and this was an interesting tidbit for the day.

On the way from Universal City to our location in Corona Del Mar, Sumo and Mary had a blowout on the satellite truck!! EEK!!

Thank goodness Sumo handled the truck well and pulled safely to the side of the road. Looking at how shredded that tire was, it could have been a lot worse!! I’m also grateful to all of the people who were so kind to them, like Ryan the CHP officer.


And the tow truck driver.


And the competing news station who stopped to check on them. SuMo said everyone they encountered was incredibly kind. That makes me mighty happy. If anyone deserved chocolate, it was SuMo.


Okay… Now it’s time to get ready for the day ahead.

Until later today,

Later gators!

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