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62 Happy Days: COOL SHOPS

JUNE 2, 2014

Today was destined to be filled with cars. I hit this horrendous traffic en route from Corona del Mar to Lincoln Heights for my assignment of the day, about a mechanic being strong-armed by the city of Los Angeles to sell his property so they can redo the intersection–which yeah, does need some major work. The roads are a dangerous, jumbled mess there. But still. The city shouldn’t try and force someone out of their business unless they’re willing to pay. More on that in a minute.

The shop owner directed us to a side building for the interview, and man! He had some cool stuff in there. I love seeing shops filled with old stuff. Maybe the story wasn’t happy, but his shop sure fit into my 100 Happy Days! Plus, talking to fellow car lovers always brings me joy. Hopefully the result of our news story will bring him some in return.

Ready to hear the city’s offer?

They offered him a ridiculous 200,000 for his commercial property with two buildings. Give me a break! You can’t touch any commercial building in the area for less than 750,000 bucks. We know. We checked LoopNet. Granted, the city wouldn’t comment, so who knows their side of the story. This “negotiation” has been going on since 2005, and now, since he’s refused their offers, he’s getting visits from Police and citations for alleged violations, like workman’s comp violations, and oh yeah… a search for an alleged stolen car, which the lot owner bought from–get this–a police auction. He had the blue slip to prove as much and a video of himself talking tongue officers. Go figure. He plans to hold his ground until the city either pays up or backs down. It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. Here’s the story:

While in Lincoln Heights I saw some Road Flowers! Somehow, they don’t look quite as pretty from my iPhone camera as they did on my DSLR, but I still think they’re lovely.

Find the beauty anywhere, right? It’s there, waiting for you to find it. You just need to look.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!




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