61 Happy Days: BFF’s BIRTHDAY!!

JUNE 1, 2014


Happy birthday to you!
You live in a zoo!
You look like a …ZEBRA!!
And you smell like one too!!


Hahahhahha! That never gets old! Yes. I’m a ten year old boy. It’s my pal Jenny’s birthday today. Twenty-four years ago I took this picture, one of many experimental photo shoots she so graciously put up with, like the dumpster/boa shoot, or the rollerblade/graffiti shoot. Ahhh… good times. Jenny is the reason I’m doing this 100 Happy Days challenge. I reposted another friend’s post because I thought it was a cool idea, but didn’t plan on officially signing up until Jenny said, “Let’s do it!” So here we are, and I have no regrets (even when I whine about writing a daily blog entry). (Totally self-imposed, by the way, not a requirement of the challenge). (Anyway).

As I said on Facebook, I hope Jenny and I are still playing absurd games of tag in public places when we’re eighty.


Made the world’s best waffles. Seriously. I’m not bragging, they just were. I got the recipe from the Kitchn, and she warned me they’d be the best. Brian took one bite and said “throw the other waffle recipes away.” It’s that good.

Did I mention they were pecan waffles? Yeah.

Spent most of my day working on the latest Featured Motor Doll post on the Motor Palace Press site, an article on my personal hero, Alice Ramsey. Check it out!

Well. Time to say goodbye to another weekend and brace for the week ahead.

Love and kisses and cake,  Jenny Jen Jen! Hope your birthday was spectacular!!

Until tomorrow,

Later gators!


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