60 Happy Days: ROAD FLOWERS

MAY 31, 2014

Saturday!! Yee haw! I love the weekends. I know, I know. I’m pretty special in that regard considering most people dread time off work to do the things they love. Uh huh… For once, we rolled out of bed at a reasonable Saturday hour, hopped in the Porn Sled, and started our 100 Happy Days by heading to Pomona Valley Harley-Davidson (Brian’s work). Wait… happy to go to work? That kind of contradicts what I just said, right?


This was a fun trip to work, though. Our friends Simo and Dana met us there to look at some bikes, and of course, we had a blast chatting with them. Simo’s head is a blur due to his demonstration of photo-prep hair fluffing. At least he wasn’t in a Speedo this time. Don’t ask.

Since we were so far north, we decided to keep on going. Around Victorville, we passed this awesome Plymouth Cranbook.


When we figured out how late it was getting, and since we had no real destination, we circled around and made a stop our favorite SoCal section of Route 66, just off the 15 at Kenwood Road. That’s where the road flowers came into play. I don’t know officially what these flowers are called, but they line nearly every highway in the west, and I love them, love the way they turn their faces into the sun and wave their leggy limbs in the wind.

Maybe some people might call them a weed, but even if they are, I don’t care. They’re still pretty. Seeing these lovely little circles of sunshine always make me happy.

Little did I know, Brian–who was sitting in the truck–snagged this shot of me shooting the flowers. Cool image, eh?

Until tomorrow…

Later gator!


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