57 Happy Days: CANDY!

MAY 28, 2014

Happiness is a controllable state of mind. That’s what this 100 Happy Days exercise promotes… and proves, or at least should. I didn’t want a repeat of yesterday. Even if I had to cover death and destruction again, I would find better ways to cope, ways to keep myself happy.

And I did.

Before work, I took a walk through our lovely grounds, part of the reason we bought here–the peacefulness, the beauty. The walk started me off in a good frame of mind.

Then I saw this teenaged girl in her Nova with Centerlines–such a flashback to high school! Totally made me smile.

Sadly my assignment involved another homicide, this one in Santa Ana, a 50-something Hispanic male killed in the apartment he shares with five other men, all of whom have now been released.

Okay. So the happy things I found to keep me from going back to the dark place I did yesterday: Shooting the breeze with my comrades as we waited for the search warrant to arrive. I’ve known these guys fifteen plus years, and even though we’re competitors, we’re also friends.

I found some shade and a seat! Woo hoo!


And the best part…

My 100 Happy Days moment… CANDY!!!

And not the kind that rots your teeth.

I’d positioned myself up on a landing, and this little darling named Candy kept poking her head out to say hi! How adorable is she??

As I pulled out of the complex, the residents smiled and waved and wished me a goodnight. Such lovely folks. And then on the way home, I found myself behind a DeLorean! How often does that happen?? Granted, it had been painted, but still…


The more the day went on, the better my sense of well-being became–far better than yesterday. By the time I’m writing this in my bathtub, after a tasty dinner with feller, I truly feel downright happy. Can you imagine if I would have let yesterday’s sadness compound with today’s tragedy? Yikes! Instead I guided my brain to happy, and found it.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!


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