MAY 27, 2014

Covering a murder suicide of a family of four doesn’t inspire 100 Happy Days thoughts. You can see the day’s difficulty in the faces of these reporters.

I tried. I really tried to find something happy in the day, but breaking tragic news to friends of the family sucks, big time. It makes you feel awful, as I do now. It’s hard to erase the image of the woman at their church as her face crumpled with the news, even though the reporter I worked with, the fabulous Hetty Chang, certainly approached the conversation delicately. Without confirmation of names, we couldn’t get what we needed for a story, so went to the scene to help our colleague Vikki and her photog with liveshots, and grabbed video of the coroner removing the bodies. You see why I’m struggling with the happy days thing.


Tomorrow is another day…

Driving away from the story felt good. The sun was setting. The toll road was empty. And I knew my man would be waiting at home. I’ll take that little moment and appreciate it.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators.



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