55 Happy Days: HOME-COOKED MEAL!

MAY 26, 2014

A home-cooked meal isn’t a rare thing in our household. In fact, we try to make everything ourselves, including Bread and Tortillas (as included in my 100 Happy Days). The timing is what made┬áthis one special. Working Memorial Day usually entails covering services somewhere, or beach weather. I got stuck with covering a deputy involved shooting in Compton. Our angle? Community reaction. Argh.

Several times throughout the day, thugs threatened to rip the camera out of my hands if I pointed it their way again. Nice. Plus, there were a few flip-offs. It was a long, hot, not very fun day. I packed a nice salad for lunch, but by the time I headed home around seven, I was starving.

And then I walked in the door, to this wonderful Happy Days thing:

Feller had my favorite foods all prepared, sweet potato, brussels sprouts, and his amazing, Missouri inspired thin beef. Plus, he made homemade wheat noodles for my lunch the next day, and a mixed bean soup. This guy seriously spoils me.

So what will tomorrow bring? Who knows. That’s one of the interesting things about working in news. Every day is different. I do know, I will have a wonderful lunch, thanks to my super-cook husband.

Until tomorrow,

Later gators!

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