54 Happy Days: JEEP ADVENTURE!

MAY 25, 2014

Be forewarned. I’m going to bombard this 100 Happy Days post with pictures of things that go VROOM. (Except the great crash of 2017 wiped them all out…) It was one of those kind of days. As one of our Facebook friends put it:

You 2 Are always out having fun…” 

Yep. We try. Of course, he then followed it up with,

“It’s like you 2 are in your teenage years. lol” 

What?? Is he saying we’re old?? That’s okay. I don’t mind. The older I get, the more fun I have.

The day began with a trip to the Long Beach Motorcycle Swapmeet. Two of the three things that caught my eye weren’t motorcycles, but Studebakers. This truck:

And this fantastic ’47 Studebaker Champion:

The only motorcycle I photographed was this pretty Panhead:


For our afternoon adventure, we hopped in our ’66 Jeep, Baby, (which is finally becoming roadworthy after spending her life on an orchard). After a quick bath, we took off for her shakeout run into the great unknown!

We didn’t get far. Turns out, the Jeep runs better with gas. Guess it’s a family tradition now, running out of gas on the shakeout run. To be fair, the fuel gauge was stuck, and Brian had planned to stop at the gas station to top off, we just didn’t quite make it. Luckily we weren’t too far from home, so I walked, grabbed Bondorella-the-hero and a gas can, and rescued Brian and Baby.

Damn, my truck is a beauty. Sorry. I’m easily distracted by shiny things.

Brian and Baby made it safely to the gas station…

… and we hit the road again. Considering this was the first drive beyond an around-the-block-tour, we didn’t wander too far from home, instead cruising the decommissioned El Toro Marine base I recently explored on my Sporty.

And NOW we get to the official 100 Happy Days picture!!


On our way to home, we passed by this odd ensemble. Dang blurry picture, but that is an Enfield pulling a carriage. Yep! The things we see in our hood! So cool.


Are your eyeballs exploding from all of this Vroom-ilicious wonderfulness yet? Just to show you I’m not ALL about things with wheels, I’ll give you a picture of these delightful raspberry scones I made tonight.

Coupled with some Pale Vienna, they made for a mighty nice evening snack. If you’re curious what Pale Vienna is, read Jack London’s THE ROAD.

Well… the weekend fun is over. Back to work tomorrow.

Until then…

Later gators!
















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