100 Happy Days

53 Happy Days: MUSIC!

MAY 24, 2014

Thank goodness I almost look normal again! The eye swelling and gunk are pretty much gone, and all I have left is redness. Woo hoo!! That in itself should be a 100 Happy Days moment! But no… I have something even cooler. While I was in the shower, my feller went to pick up a vintage music system for my writing room! I’d been looking for something, but none of the new stuff appealed to me. During feller’s college days, he worked in high end audio sales, so has a good handle on earlier HiFi stuff. He knew exactly what I’d like, and found one on Craiglist, right here in our town.


The Advent Model 400 was created by Henry Kloss, and sold in 1974 for $125. Even with the high price, the piece was a great success and is now considered to be a classic in industrial design, with many still in use today. I stinkin’ love this thing. It looks so perfect in my room (especially with the Grass Valley switcher from the same era), plus it sounds fantastic. I mean, really fantastic.


While picking this up for me, Feller discovered the guy had an Advent 300 receiver as well. We have one in our garage music setup, and since Brian has always been so happy with that unit, bought this one as well to replace a not-so-hot NAD receiver we have in our living room (the Bongos we already had). It looks great with my Grandmother’s painting, doesn’t it?


In other 100 Happy Days news:

To celebrate my not looking like a pariah, I went out into humanity again, making a trip to Corona to visit THE expert in Model Ts. We’re still contemplating the ’25 ModelTT pickup. This guy had such amazing stuff in his garage, and shared much of his wisdom with us (crappy iPhone pics don’t do his place justice).

We haven’t made a decision on the truck yet, but boy, we sure are leaning that way. Tomorrow, after the Long Beach motorcycle swapmeet, we may make another trip to Pomona to take it for a drive.

All in all, a lovely, lovely Saturday.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!


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