52 Happy Days: CLEAN KITCHEN

MAY 23, 2014

I’m on pinkeye quarantine. Funny how no one wants to be anywhere near a creepy red-eyed girl with stuff oozing from her eyes! Go figure! Considering how contagious and nasty-gummy-gross this particular ailment is, I did the world a favor and steered clear of other human beings by staying home from work. Instead, I scrubbed my kitchen, which brings me to my 100 Happy Days picture.

What??? Cleaning makes me happy? No, but the results do! Isn’t my kitchen so pretty?

I wish it were a bit bigger, but hey. We make do. We totally use and abuse this poor kitchen, so it gets pretty dirty after a short time. In fact, not ten minutes after taking the clean pictures, I pulled the simmering stock from the stove and made some butternut squash soup. So much for clean.

In other 100 Happy Days news:

The Professor has been quite regular with his visits. He’s so comfortable now in fact, he curled up on the end of my bed for a couple of hours this morning.

And check this out! I went outside to make a trash deposit, and when coming back in the house, had to stop and photograph my bougainvillea. After fourteen years in the same pot, on the same steps, it finally decided to seriously bloom! It must have liked the heat and my neglect.

The weekend is here and, thanks to the antibiotic drops, my eyes don’t look quite as bad. Still bright red, but not as swollen and not as leaky. Can’t wear makeup just yet, so be forewarned.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!



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