51 Happy Days: BATHS

MAY 22, 2014

Ah, the bathtub. I could live in the bath. As my pal Cynthia put it, “I would give up my clothes washer before I’d give up my bathtub!” Baths had to be included in my 100 Happy Days, although I wasn’t sure how because:

A: I have an exceptionally ugly, worn-out bathtub (and not in a cool way)

B: I’m not into the showing-my-legs-naked-in-the-tub thing.

This might go down as my ugliest picture in the Happy Day challenge, but baths truly are one of my ultimate happy places.

Why am I so obsessed with bathing? When I get home from my very physical job, I smell. Nice, huh? Carrying 60 pounds of camera equipment all day does that to you, and man! Some of the situations I get into! Mud. Dirt. Water. Pulling nasty cable. I’m on the ground. A lot. It’s a dirty, dirty job. Once, after an 11pm live shot down in a creek bed where many homeless camped, I dragged the cable through human poo. I ended up covered in crap. So incredibly disgusting. ANYWAY…

A bath revives me, and also puts my mind at rest. If I try to go to bed without a bath, my brain continues to spin until I get up, and go have my bath.

Tonight it felt especially good. I had to leave work because of a nasty case of pink eye in both eyes, so went to the doc and got a scrip for antibacterial eye drops, then came home to tackle a pile of laundry, and look who came to visit!! The Professor was such a good helper.

Okay! Kind of a disgusting post, what with smells, and poo, and pink eye…

I’ll be out from work again tomorrow. The eyes are just entirely too gross. I’d show you a picture, but… ewww….

Until tomorrow,

Later gators!


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