100 Happy Days

49 Happy Days: JACARANDA

MAY 20, 2014

Not only is the name fun to say–as my high school chum Connie pointed out–JACARANDA! JACARANDA!–but the name also has a CAR in the middle (not the middle of the tree, the middle of the word), and you know how I love cars!! I also love this tree, the prettiest tree in the world, a tree firmly planted in the middle of my 100 Happy Days.

I first fell in love with Jacaranda trees when we lived in San Luis Obispo. We had a giant one towering over our house, and while the purple blossoms often made their way down the chimney to flutter across our living room floor, I never minded because the canopy of purple against our white house looked so beautiful.

This morning, Jacarandas entered my stream of thinking when our pal and former roommate Sally posted about Jacarandas.

Her post got me thinking about Jacarandas and how much I loved them, and then later in the day, my reporter and I ended up shooting our liveshot from a La Mirada park FILLED with them, so it made perfect sense to chose this tree as my happy day post.

And I needed some happy today, considering it started with covering a funeral for a police officer, and then moving on to a somewhat nothing story about high school coach being put on suspension for using profanity to reprimand his team. Big surprise there, right?

I had one other happy moment today!! My Facebook/truck buddy Ryan tagged me in a post on the Classic Trucks Magazine page about my truck!!! Bondorella had gotten over 13000 likes and 784 shares!! How cool is that? I love seeing Bondorella getting love.

Okay! Bed time for me. Still nursin’ the migraine, although it’s not as intense as yesterday. And now I’m getting an eye infection!! ACK!!! What the heck is going on???

I refuse to let it rob my happy though.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!

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