100 Happy Days

48 Happy Days: BATMAN (GIRL) on a BIKE

MAY 19, 2014

A rotten migraine streak started yesterday. A bad one. Coming back every 6 hours or so. When these come on, they last usually five days and I get really depressed, making it tough to find the happy. Right now, I need to sleep. BUT… I’m going to whip this out quickly because I hate to fail nearly halfway into this 100 Happy Days thing. Not that these blog posts were the commitment. But hey… I like finishing what I start.

Busy day. First part in court. Second part, playing in nature, even taking the newsvan off-road to get to our live location. Yee haw!

I’ve really come to appreciate cactus, especially when they bloom. I put my reporter Vikki right in with a patch for our live shot. She seems to be enjoying herself. Or protecting her eyes from the sun.

I contemplated the off-road shot for my happy day post, because I didn’t have much else, and I did really enjoy being out in nature again, but then my sister-in-law posted this picture of my niece Kayla riding her Trail 90 and I knew without a doubt, this photo was my moment. I am madly in love with this picture.

And now, with too much medication in my system, I am conking out for the night. Please forgive the poorly written post.

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!




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