100 Happy Days

47 Happy Days: BIKER BEE!

MAY 18, 2014

Talk about a day filled with fun! So many options for my 100 Happy Days. Around noon, we hopped on the bikes–me on the Bonnie Lass, Brian on a stolen HD Switchback–and rode to Pomona to look at 1925 Model T Brian has been stalking since he first spotted it a gas station two weeks ago. It’s for sale, and in some ways, we’d love to buy it, in others, well, it’s not a very practical vehicle for anything other than parades and such, since top speed is around 35MPH. How cool would this be for the Winslow Motor Palace, though?

We’re still contemplating. Here are a couple more pictures. Plus, I got to hang out with the owner’s cool cat Chloe! How about that mustache? We should get her and the Professor together (although we’re thinking now the Professor might be a girl).

So the BEE. When we left the Model T guy’s house in Pomona, we headed for the Harley shop to try on some foam padded sunglasses to wear with my Ruby helmet (eyes can’t handle the wind). While cruising Arrow Highway, I looked down and noticed my little friend the Bee. He rode on my Bonnie’s speedo for a good several miles, hanging on tight at speed, staying put at stoplights, and when I parked, he did me the courtesy of staying around long enough to grab this iPhone shot. That is one Badass Biker BEE. Plus, he stayed out of my Bonnet.

To round out our lovely day, we cruised into the Roadside Cafe in Orange, a small Route 66 themed joint owned by a car guy. His broasted chicken rules. Plus, he has a Corvair fountain made from a friend’s totaled car.

Didn’t get much done in the way of chores this weekend, but sure had fun!

Until tomorrow back-to-work Monday…

Later gators!

P.S. HEY! I’m back! We decided to make a little evening snack. I had some too-ripe bananas, so made some banana/pecan/dark chocolate chip muffins (from this recipe, although I used Sucanat instead of white sugar), and Brian made some Pale Vienna decaf. He recently read Jack London’s THE ROAD, an autobiographical tale about the authors days on the road as a hobo, and after reading about Pale Vienna, has been itching to make some. It was so fantastic. To compliment our delightful snack, I pulled out the old family Palette Plates. Isn’t this lovely??


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