45 Happy Days: FRIDAY NIGHT!!

MAY 16, 2014

It’s been a hot week. Frankly, I smell. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve showered throughout the week, I simply mean right now I smell. This moment. Charming, right? Our story today about air quality in OC due to the San Diego fires, kept us out in the heat and smoke all day–other than when we were sitting in the newsvan to edit. My Happy Days moment didn’t hit me until I got home. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

We went live outside a community center turned cooling center. Inside, a group of kids watched out the window, until curiosity got the best of them and they came out. I gave them a little van tour and said they could watch in the van as we did the shot. They behaved beautifully, asked smart questions, and generally put a smile on my face. They of course wanted a picture with Vikki, and whenever that happens, I ask someone in the group if they want to hold the mic. They ALWAYS want to hold the mic. Sometimes fights ensue.

My true happy moment came at home, with my best feller. I swear, every bone and muscle in my body felt fatigued, so keeping things simple on a Friday night, like cuddling up on the coach while he played with a new viewfinder for his Leica, suited me just fine. In fact… it made me blissfully happy.

Until tomorrow…

Later gator!





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