100 Happy Days


MAY 15, 2014

I’m writing in the most beautiful place. Birds are twittering. A slight breeze cools my sweaty neck. A large, flowy tree shades me from the dipping sun. If this doesn’t qualify as a happy days moment, I don’t know what does! Here. There’s no way I can adequately describe this. We need a picture.


See? I wasn’t kidding, right? And it’s right around the corner from where I live! How have I never been here?


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, San Diego county is on fire, nine wildfires at last count, eight of which are believed to have been arson of some sort. I assumed my reporter and I would be sent down there since we are closest, but they wanted us to stay in OC in case fire breaks out here as well.

Our contribution to the news day was a story on fuel moisture testing, and how firefighters use that knowledge to help battle raging wildfires.

Sometimes I forget how much of a nature girl I am. I truly am most at peace when away from civilization. We finished our live shot half an hour ago, yet here I still sit, enjoying this glorious view, just as I did during a quick lunch break, my official happy day picture: Mother Nature’s Bistro.

Of course, my large, obnoxious dining companion made it a little less peaceful, but still… I’d take this any day over a fluorescent lit office. THIS… is why I love my job. (Remind me of that on the days all hell is breaking loose…)

Until tomorrow…

Later gators!


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