MAY 13, 2014

My usual lunchtime M.O. is to sit in the newsvan and eat my packed lunch while multi-tasking the job, as I did on Day 9 of my Happy Posts, when I crammed an almond butter and jelly sandwich during breaking news, not exactly peaceful. On the rare occasion there’s time to actually sit and eat like a civilized human, I take it. Today was one of those days, so of course, needs to be included in the 100 Happy Days.

We spent the morning at the Board of Supervisors, listening to parents encourage the board to pass Laura’s Law, making court-ordered treatment for the severely mentally ill mandatory. The stories told by the families were heartbreaking. The board passed the law.

Since we finished shooting by one o’clock, I had time to take a lunch, so headed to the Gypsy Den nearby, ordered a nice Waldorf Chicken sandwich, enjoyed the air conditioning on this VERY hot day, and edited my manuscript. Such a peaceful respite in the middle of my news day, and so appreciated.

Did I mention it was really hot? Yeah. It was. At least this fountain at the Arts District where I lunched made it SEEM cooler.

And here it is! My daily street spot (or at least the days I get one). Such a beauty


Until tomorrow,

Later gators!

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