Week 9: Artistic Shadows

March 5, 2016 – Dang, it’s been a busy work week. Cool, but busy, shooting segments for our upcoming Olympic special: Two super women, one a water polo player/competitive surfer, one a mountain biker. I’ve had little time to shoot for the challenge, even though the theme was one I really liked. Artistic Shadows.


 Week 9: Artistic/Shadows

The opposite of light is dark, the absence of light is shadow.

Last weekend, while cruising Death Valley wildflowers, I shot the shadows of this fence.


It’s fine (yawn…), but didn’t excite me. Shadow should have an eerie factor, and this fell flat.

I didn’t get a chance to pick up the camera again until the following weekend. I loved the shadows coming in through the blinds but needed a subject, so wandered into my feller’s office to get his sock monkey and instead, saw the doll. Yes, this is my husband’s doll. My only dilemma was choosing between black and white and color.

Shadow Dolly 1BW

I thought B&W would add to the creepiness, but while editing the photo, I found color worked better, thanks to the color of her eyes. Had I shot this film and had no option at color, I would have been perfectly satisfied. Ahhh… the glory of digital.

Until next week’s environmental portrait…

Later Gators!


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